Welcome to Rubit Seedbox 111

روبیت ارائه دهنده سرویس های سیدباکس تورنت بصورت حرفه ای میباشد. سرویس های سیدباکس برای استفاده کنندگان از تورنت خصوصی طراحی شده است.

سرویس های سیدباکس بصورت ماهیانه ارائه میشود و ایجاد سرویس بصورت خودکار و تحویل آنی انجام میشود. امکان پرداخت با کارت های بانکی عضو شتاب فراهم شده است.

We provide peer to peer content distribution services using seedboxes. We help clients distribute their data efficiently using our seedbox service. Peer to peer has gained popularity because of its efficiency in sharing the load and you can see it in wide use these days, for example the Ubuntu website allows users to download the image files using a torrent, resulting in peer to peer distribution and in turn sharing the load.

Our seedboxes are no longer confined to just peer to peer content distribution, you have the ability to install additional Apps on your seedbox at the click of a button. We have various Apps which allow your seedbox to do so much more!

We have worked hard in pricing our plans and we can proudly say that we are one of the cheapest providers in the market now. We believe that our clients should be price conscious. They should remain conscious after they see the price, this is why we are priced at the lowest possible rates while maintaining a high quality of service. We have an extensive list of features that come with our seedboxes, you can view them by clicking the button below.

Pricing Apps